Tracery: generate text, graphics and more

Tracery is a super-simple tool and language to generate text, by GalaxyKate. It's been used by middle school students, humanities professors, indie game developers, professional bot makers, and lots of regular people, too. Give it a try today!

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Made with Tracery

Users have made twitterbots, artbots, games, and stories with Tracery. Here are a few of my favorites. If you've made something cool with Tracery, let me know so I can share it, too!

A selection of Twitterbots hosted with Cheap Bots, Done Quick
Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Dance Challenge
Generative insults in a rhythm game about everyone's favorite dismissive gentleman suitor. By Squinky.
Interruption Junction
Eternal blather (with Tracery) in a game about navigating parties by Squinky.
Most Sincere Greetings, Esteemed One
Generative rituals to greet a beloved companion, in a ceremony of grace and guidance. By Squinky and Jess Marcotte.
Cheap Bots, Done Quick!
The one-stop twitterbot factory. Make a twitterbot today! By George Buckenham
A dating sim for monsters, by Plus Ultra. It uses Twinecery.
An all-generative hipster cafe management by me,GalaxyKate. Coming soon!
Dress Color Simulator
What color is the dress, really? A very topical bot made by me, GalaxyKate
Happy Valentine's Day
From me, GalaxyKate, as my Valentine's day present to you, you pretty reader.

Tracery in other languages

Tracery is being developed in Javascript, but it's ported to more languages by other users. Looking to port Tracery? I'm working on a more rigourous specification, so contact me (galaxykate at gmail)

Ruby (by Eli Brody) Python (by Allison Parrish) Twine (by Matthew Balousek) Node (by George Buckenham)

Still curious?

Contact me at galaxykate at gmail, or @galaxykate on Twitter. I'm available for advice, consulting, and bot-making services.